Linda Ward

Dr. Sarah Urton helped me so that I can do all the things I enjoy doing. I had Morton's Neuroma in both my feet. Cortisone shots and orthotics didn't help anymore, and I couldn't walk for more than 10 minutes without excruciating pain. I did a lot of research and knew that it might not be successful, but Dr. Urton had a great reputation. Dr. Urton operated to remove the nerves causing the pain and I have been pain free for 6 months. I was able to hike the East Coast trail in Newfoundland for up to 20 km per day. I would highly recommend talking to Dr. Urton about your choices if you are suffering from this debilitating condition.

Luisa Hlus

Dr. Sarah Urton is pleasant, professional and efficient. A real problem solver who really cares about her patient and her work.

Marine Martinez

Dr. Sarah Urton is a sweet heart, extremely professional, kind, and efficient. Her diagnosis was quick and I knew what to do right away. Don't hesitate if you are looking for a great podiatric physician, she's the one!

Jacob MacDonald

Sarah and her team are incredible. I’d been dealing with foot issues for years, but after moving to Vancouver and seeing Dr. Urton, I finally got the professional advice and treatment I’d needed all along. I had two foot surgeries done by her and they were 100% successful. Couldn’t be happier with the results and with my experience at Kitsilano Foot and Ankle Clinic, and would highly recommend them to anyone!

Marne McMillan

Dr. Sarah surgically removed a massive Morton's neuroma that had been building for likely four decades due to tight athletic footwear. Due to my body compensating from the nerve pain, I tore my hamstring on the opposite leg. The surgery was highly successful and painless. Sarah did an excellent job! My foot was in good hands. Thank you Sarah. You changed my life!

Michiko Caringal

Dr. Sarah Urton is absolutely phenomenal! I cannot recommend her enough. She is very kind, patient and professional. She explained the cause of my foot pain with detail and treated me with care. All-around great patient experience!

Shelley Ugyan

Sarah is amazing! I struggled for years with my foot pain thinking I would never run again. After 5 minutes she was able to find the REAL issue and I am running daily- only 30 days later!! I cant recommend it enough - thank you!

Bruno Koscak

Sarah and Staff were awesome! I have diabetic issues and they were able to explain the issues and help resolve the problem. Sarah and Staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. I would definitely recommend them.

Susan M. Todd

I highly recommend Dr. Sarah Urton. As one of her first surgical patients, I found Sarah professional, thorough and supportive. She took the time to investigate the issue and explained the process that would occur. The outcome was excellent (able to walk pain free) and resume my active lifestyle. Throughout, I was confident in both Dr. Urton's knowledge and skills.

Matt Hill

Me and my nail fungus feet knew we'd found a 1st class place to get their "pre fungus" glory back...the second I entered the office the receptionist greeted me with a super friendly "hello". Then Doctor Urton was the same, super friendly and kind and a wise expert. They got to work zapping my nails with laser and then explained the extent of my nail situation, mine was pretty nasty. I had asked my feet to take me on an 11,000 mile run around North America and many Ironman pool sessions added on, had made my feet kinda nasty. So I knew going in, it may be a marathon to get them clear. I'm stoked to report, I crossed the finish line! My nails are clear again and I'm only stopping by the office to say hi to everyone, and share my next adventures in running and swimming and biking with them :) Kitsilano Foot and Ankle Clinic are 5 stars super stars!

Lyn Temperley

I had never been to a foot clinic before and had gone in with a sore little toe, and emerged with a plain. Dr. Urton provided a really caring attentive e experience. Thank you. Im schedules for a follow up.

Devin Landis

Quick, helpful and down to earth. Dr. Urton was kind and clearly good at her job. Glad I came across this clinic.

Nicky Tran

I took my 9 year daughter to Dr Urton because she had flat feet and she was having trouble walking..custom made orthotics were designed for her and she uses them every day.. very happy with the results and Dr. Urton’s kindness and care. I highly recommend her!

Sarah Urton

Patient dictated as she was having trouble with her computer (Marsha Howard) I highly recommend Dr. Sarah Urton, very thorough and knowledgeable, also she is a very kind person.

Marc B.

I contacted Dr. Urton's office to get a second opinion on a planned midfoot surgery. Her friendly office manager was able to schedule an appointment within two weeks. During the consultation Dr. Urton was very thorough and engaged and went out of her way to answer all my questions regarding my foot's condition, the upcoming procedure and post-op care in great detail. I was impressed with her professionalism, her genuine concern for my issue and her kindness. Highly recommended.

Alex Addison

I went to Sarah this summer for foot surgery that I had put off for a few years. She was fantastic to work with. She exudes competence--a good thing in a person holding a scalpel!--and she ensured the process was entirely pain free. I also appreciate that she was punctual for my follow-up appointments; I never had to wait.

ML Dee

I was, for some time, a patient of Dr William Urton. I was very happy with his care. I began seeing Dr Sarah Urton early this year, as Dr W had moved more or less full time to the Langley clinic. I am very happy to be her patient. She is knowledgable, kind, caring, and has such a lovely manner. I absolutely recommend Dr Sarah Urton to anyone looking for excellent foot care!

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